Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apres Moi, Le Deluge

So I'm back from vacation, re-convinced that sailing is magical, happy of family and girlfriend, and ready to start training again.

Today I went to Joe's Garage for a computrainer session and the water main broke, dousing us all with freezing cold H2o and causing a mad scramble to get all of the equipment out of the way. Amazingly little harm was done, all's well that ends well, and Joe expects to have the computrainers set up and going again in a couple of days. But, as a zany Russian dude once said about flooding his Mom's antique filled, Victorian mansion in a posh Boston neighborhood: dude, it was like fucking submarine movie.

I have three or four blogworthy things on my mind this week, expect to see entries and pictures soon:

1) The British Virgin Islands in words and pictures. Arrr it be a prime season for spinnin' yarns of swashbuckling on the high seas an' foul weather and shipwrecks and all.

2) Bike stuff. Resting, riding, racing, and getting geared up for '09.

3) Blogging, community, and the new technological/humanistic epistemology of the oonterweb.

4) Obama, political change, social transformation, and the tendency (a hot topic in English and Cultural Studies a the moment) for base skepticism to be trotted out as an intellectual virtue or signifier of meaningful and complex thought. It is easier to reject face value, outright, as a matter of course than to engage subject matter intimately and with allowance for enough complexity and ambiguity to truly understand it. So we, the American people say: can't fool me, I wasn't born yesterday and raised in an oven--I know smart, smart means watchful, watchful means I ain't buying your bill of goods. Hence the death of credulity, which seems to have begotten, in turn, the death of any belief that things are worth knowing about. Hmm.

For nighty-night, I'll sign off with sunset off of Anegada. Right after I snapped this picture, the sailboat moored next to us set off a canon (or sunset gun.) Arr, but I'll be gettin' to that later by way of the piracy and yarns of the high seas and all. Until then, stay warm and keep a weather eye out for a seafarin' man with one leg, and for a white whale.


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