Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Celebration of Poetry Month

April is poetry month, and for reasons tangentially related to this fact, the League of Canadian Poets just published one of Charmaine's recent poems, check it out.

It isn't easy for her, trying to keep up creative output while juggling a dissertation and the job market, to say nothing of being stuck with a bike racer for a partner. So her publications make me happy. Plus the LCP is kind of a big deal, and you need to have a book out and meet the approval of a panel of their reviewers in order to make the cut. So good for my lady.

I take a selfish interest in the piece for fairly obvious reasons, but apart from that, I find it a privilege to have someone in my life who I am continually impressed by. And the girl can make words do some pretty impressive stunts.

Happy Easter,


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