Monday, August 17, 2009

Diggin' the Dog Days

It's Monday again, I'm behind in blogging, but life is pretty good. Today instead of doing bike things I am cleaning my apartment and heading up to Saratoga to go to the horsey races. I have lived my entire life within 45 minutes of the track, one way or another, and I have never been. Poor me with my conscientious, Bohemian parents...never any mainstream fun. But today I shall sweat and bet, and hoot and holler from the cheap seats. I'm psyched!

My latest column is up over on Embrocation Cycling Journal, hope y'all like it. While you're there I highly recommend also taking a look at Jeremy Dunn's latest, which includes a hilarious video, truly worth it.

I have a teammate or two who are on me to update the team site, and rightly so. This past weekend we acquitted ourselves admirably taking 2nd, 3rd and 6th at the Capital Region Road Race on Saturday, and then winning the Fall River Crit, plus taking 4th, 5th and 1oth in Eastern Mass on Sunday. Not only are we the nicest elite amateur team in bike racing, we throw down pretty hard, too. Full reports from this weekend, plus recent history dating all the way back to Montreal-Quebec will appear on the team's website this week. Look forward to it, it will be good reading.


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  1. good article over at Embro. I made it all the way through! I found the perspective on having DMV classes include cyclist awareness appropriate. This would definitely help 16 year olds know what we're doing, or at the very least that we're people, too.

    You didn't mention fatalities of car to cyclist. Even last year I remember a story about a off duty cop in CA on the Northern CA roads I sometimes train on in the winter, plowing into a group of cyclists and killing two. He got a fine and desk duty. Dude- he fucking killed two PEOPLE. Because they were riding bikes essentially nothing happened.

    Here's the article:

    Also check out this article, maybe as a reference point for a follow up article? ::

    Keep the brains workin'!