Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yeah Yeah, I'm Still Here

Hey there blogland! It's been nearly 3 months since my last post, and I feel like a bit of a heel. A couple of you have been really sweet and asked me why I haven't been posting, which was a nice reminder that people actually read this blog. So here I am, large as life and twice as handsome. Eh?

The simple story is that following 'cross season I was seriously burned out and needed a break from bikes. Then my longtime training partner and teammate, Matt Purdy, retired from racing, I started playing tournament chess again, it got to be 9 degrees outside and I got depressed as hell. So there went January and February.

But now it is spring, the days are getting marvelously longer, and I care about bikes again. And thanks to my students being on break and the weather being ridiculously good, I actually rode 19 hours last week, which is more than I had ridden in the previous 8 weeks combined. So it's a start. I got in my first race of the season last Saturday at the Johnny Cake Lane Spring Series #1, and the team worked incredibly well together to deliver Big Dan Greenfield for the win. We were pretty pleased, because despite the fact that it was just a training race, there were some really good guys there. We managed to have guys in every break, and on the last lap we just took over setting up a train for our designated sprinter, Brad Warren, and leaving room for The Danimal to play the role of spoiler, which he did perfectly. Ca-Caaaw!! (cried the paisley Hawk).

Thanks for reading, happy spring.


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