Wednesday, March 11, 2009


That there is a comet. In my kitchen. No photo enhancement, no special effects, just a comet, in my kitchen.

OK, so it's a model comet, and my daughter's hand has been photoshop'd out of the picture, but the tail is real, and it looks like something from Alien, right?

I am not a particularly organized human being, and I often feel like kind of a shitty parent when I have to help my kid get it together for school science fair projects and the like. Sometimes (ok, a lot) we're late to school in the mornings; I forget to go through her backpack and check homework and stuff and, yeah, I'm that guy. But this year at least she has a genuine far out cool-as-shit model comet to show off. In fact she's a bit of a champ at making them now. Neat.

Plus it's fun having dry ice kicking around the house to play with. Makes for dramatic dinner table conversation.


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