Monday, March 30, 2009

More to Come...

I hate to let a week pass without a blog post, but it has been busy around here.

This past weekend was my first road race of the year as well as team Spooky / NCC / Kenda team camp. Stories to tell in the near future.

Also upcoming:

- Detailed review of my new, amazingly sexy Spooky Skeletor. Oh yes.
- A race report
- A post from guest blogger and my esteemed better half, Ms. Charmaine Cadeau. She will have something of a column here, of sorts, in the coming weeks and months. She will be shedding some light on the life of the partner of a (mostly) full time bike racer. Yes the early Saturday mornings, and endless hours in the car; the hot afternoons spent sweating on the side of a lonely country road, miles from nowhere in the mysterious and ethereal Brigadoon of a locale known as The Feed Zone; the maddening food habits of cyclists, and the dishwasher full of water bottles; the grease stains in the car, and the occasional glimpses of genuine human effort and potential, all of which are the very stuff of life for those brave and optimistic souls who partner themselves to bike racers. Look forward to it, she's a good writer. I took one of her classes as an undergrad.

For now:

See that glow of magic coming off the gear cluster, there?

And I'm not one to get all het up over handsomely machined objects, but you have to admit this SRAM Powerdome cassette, machined from a solid piece of aluminum, is pretty darn pretty.

Until soon,



  1. Powder coated? Are you sure that's not Rhygin?

    FYI, Crank Bros, is killing those pedals. If you like them, try to stockpile some.

  2. Is nice, is fast, is begging to be raced hard. Most importantly, is the best--meaning most aggressive, or raciest--position I have ever had on a bike. I think I'm off the Crank Bros, but thanks for the heads up.