Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thought I should mention that sometimes (like this week) I skip putting race reports here and instead I put them here, on my team's website. When races are particularly interesting and I have fun and introspective things to say about them sometimes I double up, but y'all should check out the team site anyway. We're interesting fellas.

This past Saturday was the Lake Sunapee road race up in New Hampshire. Driving over Friday night through central Vermont I was reminded of how very much I want to live there....soon enough, I hope. The race went well and I was in one breakaway or another for 100k, first the ill-fated ones that didn't stick, then the good one with really fast guys that stayed away. I pedaled wicked haahd, as they say, finished 8th, split up some prize money and spent a little quality post-race parking lot time with the boys, had an incredibly good sammich from the Vermont Country Deli on route 9 just West of Brattleboro, and was home by 4:00. Not a bad day of racin' bikes for all that.

I should be training now, but instead I am waiting for my kits to dry in the dryer and wishing I was still in New Hampshire where my allergies aren't. Time to Neti pot and produce some adrenaline to keep the itchies away for a few hours. Lots of climbing today, Rotterdam Junction here I come.



PS - Spooky apparel for sale soon at a bike race near you. Classy and cheap, just like us. Check back for more info soon.

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