Monday, May 25, 2009

Update from New Jersey

So I got in the winning break at the Bound Brook crit, in front of a pretty strong field, and took third. It downpoured, we got filthy and wet, and a good time was had by all, except the guys who crashed. This is my best result in awhile, and my best ever in a field of this caliber, for sure.

That's me on the podium. I was actually quite pleased, despite having been pipped by the guilty looking Quebecois who promised not to sprint after doing very little work the whole time we were off the front. You can't trust those guys...Oh well, 3rd place in a field that looked like the picture below isn't so bad.

That's Team Type 1 looking mean on the front of the race.

That's me taking a big pull with Vincent Quiron (Garneau Chausierres) and Matt Wilson (Team Type 1) behind me. I felt pretty legit today.

Full report to follow, as well as news from the Hills of Somerset County Road Race and the tour of Somerville.



*Photos courtesy of the Team Type 1 website

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