Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Due Diligence - a brief follow up to Kansas City

In my initial post, I suggested that I had words with Page's brother-in-law after the fact. I would now like to apologize and clarify that it was Cale McAninch with whom I spoke, this has been made clear to me by the several pictures of him now infamously posted all over the net.

Watching the Cyclofile video in this thread
it is clear that, whatever happened off camera, it seems Wade was the first to bail out of it, which I remembered one guy doing, but had my wires crossed as to who was whom.

For what it's worth, and perhaps this was shortsighted on my part, I hadn't anticipated quite the size and scope of reaction to this post that it has attracted. In retrospect I wouldn't change my observation at all--I saw what I saw--but I probably ought to have done more homework to make sure I had correctly identified all three of the guys before posting my account.

I am not letting Wade off the hook--that isn't mine to do, of course--he was involved, and as I said all along I was not in a position to *hear* anything over the generators, but I did see. He is probably not to be faulted for asking the guys to shut up, they should have been asked to shut up and it isn't *that kind* of a free country, as I said the other day. How he followed up his request is open to interpretation, and like I said: in junior high, everyone involved gets in trouble for the fight, and when adults act like they're in junior high, maybe the same should apply, no?

However, what stands out most in my mind was my interaction after the fight with a belligerent, unapologetic guy who didn't seem at all sorry for what had taken place. Having mistakenly identified this fellow as Wade, JP's bro-in-law, my take on his involvement may have been skewed unfairly. Or maybe not.

In any case, journalistic ethics ought to apply when a blogger chooses to report on public events. I don't so much care about saying the popular thing, but it was a mistake to name names without being sure I had them straight. Mea culpa.

Now on to brighter things, getting chubby in the off-season, base miles, and Spring training races. Shall we?


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