Tuesday, December 30, 2008

US Airways = Bad service, no fun. Boycott US Airways

It turns out that according to both USA Today and Consumer Reports, US Airways is the best at sucking. They are the #1 airline for consumer complaints in the US.

I am stranded in Charlotte, NC because they got our flight in late, and then refused to let us board our connecting flight, even though the plane was still there, right at the end of the jet way. This is after they lost our bags on the way to San Francisco, to say nothing of the cynical price gouging--it now costs $15 to check a bag, all meals and drinks including coffee and tea are for sale, not complimentary. It's really frustrating. Funny thing, too, because oil has settled down to around 40 bucks a barrel, all of the flights seem to be full, and the tickets aren't cheap. So money is being made somewhere, right? It seems the airlines discovered they could get away with charging for extras and gouging the hell out of the customer and now it doesn't matter what their overhead is, they can keep charging.

Mash 'em, smash 'em, put 'em out of business.

The customer service personnel were completely unhelpful, barely even rhetorically apologetic, and basically only offered pat, scripted answers and no help at all.

Down with US Airways. Sell your stock, use another carrier, tell your friends.


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