Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who Stole The Internets?

Coming up: 2009 year in review, and an extended thank you to my sponsors.

But first, a little reflection on the last 36 hours or so....I'm tired.

Delayed flight, lost bag, 4:00 am bedtime plus jetlag, my daughter off to her Mom's for a week, post-Christmas madness...two weeks off the bike and I feel almost more tired than when I was training and racing. Need more sleep.

So I'm here in San Francisco, for the first time, actually, because my girlfriend is on the job market this year. So we're hobnobbing at the annual MLA conference, which is the must-do shindig for English scholars--think Interbike for wordy-nerdy book people. I intend to crash a panel discussion or two, considering that a couple of my pedagogical heroes are out here representing. Maybe I'll get my learn on a little sumthin'-sumthin'.

San Francisco seems a little shy about publicly accessible Wifi, huh? Funny with Silicone Valley being right here and all. The most provincial, out of the way places back East have free Wifi but here in SF it seems free Wifi is not so common. Maybe I need to go across the bay to Berkeley? For the time being I have been ghettoized and I am posting from an Internet cafe. The indignity!

It feels kind of fun to be thinking about books instead of bikes for awhile. But I'm starting to miss the bikes. Bike-heavy post to follow this evening or tomorrow.


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